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USA + Canada DVD for Dual XDVDN8290

Product Part Number : 1000497-21

Price: $84.99 (Download 2.1GB)
requires high-speed internet connection

Price: $94.99 (By Mail)

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Product Description

2011 March USA + Canada TeleAtlas map with NavMate4
4.3.00 software upgrade.

Because the size increases for 2011 map, downloader tool divides into two options:
• Region 1: United States (exclude Texas, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) and Canada
• Region 2: United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and USVI).ada.

• 11 Million Points Of Interest.

• Text to Speech voice instructions which provide detailed spoken directions, including town and street names.

• Plus pre-recorded voices option along with Text to Speech voices for selection.

• Included are the most popular food, gas, lodging, shopping, and retail establishments in Canada and the USA.

• This map update requires a 2GB SD memory card which you will need to purchase separately. Horizon recommends Sandisk brand SD cards. (TeleAtlas 2011.3)

Windows PC is required for the update. Mac or system use other OS are not supported.
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